Friday, February 28, 2014

My first digitally printed fabric has arrived!

Although I still enjoy mixing dyes and get my hands dirty. My experiments with <hand-painting fabrics> gave me a wonderful idea to my next step. I wanted to take these projects a little further by going digital.

So I got right on it and made few designs with my dearest old pal, photoshop :) At first it didn't come out right, because it wasn't a flowing process like painting directly on a fabric. It took a lot of tweaking and staring at the screen, back and forth until I finally came to a print design I could say, YES to. 

I also did a lot of research to decide where to print it. Digital printing on a fabric for a small quantity and with a good quality didn't come easy locally. In the end I found <a workshop in Japan> who custom prints but keeps the tradition of kimono fabric making. So I sent the digital file to the printing shop in Japan. Unfortunately, they don't send their products oversea, so I had to arranged it otherwise. They deliver the products in 7days to a local address. For me 3wks, and now....Ta-da!

It had finally arrived! I am overjoyed. The quality is what they promised it would be. Very beautiful cotton 100% poplin, with very clear and vibrant colour!

Cannot wait to make these into little....<many things>!

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