Friday, February 7, 2014

the First dress for my little girl

So the fabric is ready now <the  previous article>. And I've decided that I want to make a little summer dress for my little girl with it.
Light weight cotton is a good material for it. And I always wondered why there aren't enough dresses for little girls with large prints!

First I have to make a pattern of the dress. I picked one of her dress that is most close to the shape I want to make. Then drew an outline of half the dress on a newspaper. Placing this under a tracing paper and start altering the shape whilst maintaining the original size. Transfer this new shape on a thicker paper by drawing an outline of it or stick it directly on a thicker paper and make your new pattern.

I used a parchment paper instead of a tracing paper. ( this is a little trick i picked up from the architectural school. Very useful when you don't have a tracing paper at home)
I also recycled a thick sketchbook paper that kids had scribbled with.

A little rough on sewing, but here it is! It was all worth it because she loved it and she looked lovely in it :)

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