Sunday, February 2, 2014

Initial inspiration

One regular morning, after sending off the kids to school...
Like any moms would do, I went and start puffing everyone's pillow and duvet.
Though, this time followed by a {Oh My!}, one duvet cover just ripped open as I turned it over.
It was a king-size pure white cotton duvet cover. 
It seemed like a huge waste just to make all that a dusting clothes. 
Come to think of it, I could have just closed the hole by sawing it.
But my artistic curiosity made me think, this is a great canvas for me to try what I always wanted to!
I was eyeing the fabric inks at the crafting shop for weeks at that time. Plus the brand new sewing machine, a gift from my dear family for the birth of our first child, left sitting there unopened for months.
So I took a pair of scissors, and start cutting the duvet cover in squares and rectangles.
I first tried a felt tip pen type of fabric ink to draw the outlines. Then started colouring inside and outside of the outlines with brushes.
Heat fastened it by ironing, following the instructions of the ink bottle.
Then voila! My first hand-painted fabric. It is ready for crafting :) I will tell you what I did with it in the next article. <here>
It was such a relaxing experience! Just drawing without a fear because it is a scrap fabric.
And no restrictions like creating a repeated pattern, because its not a print.

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