Friday, February 14, 2014

Meet Pencil (a review of Pencil for paper by 53)

My title image of this blog was created in an application called PAPER by 53. And it is my latest addiction. To my surprise this application replicates the feel of drawing on an actual paper more accurately than any thing I have tried before. And I am totally hooked by its flowy process of creating a digital illustration. 
Not long ago they have released their original stlyus pen called, guess what? Pencil!
I ordered my pencil just last week, and now its here! hoooray! I'm well excited.
Everyone, meet Pencil ↓

I read several reviews on Pencil before purchasing. Many reviews said it is the best stylus pen they have tried, but I was still skeptical. Firstly because I couldn't quite tell the size of it. There was a specification of its dimentions, but what I wanted to know was more of "how would it feel in my hand?" Regular pencil is thinner and in cylinder or octagonal? This one seems to be flat and fat. But don't worry, it actually feels more comfortable this way than I imagined.

Although start using pencil is as simple as just one tap on its palette's Pencil icon, I had few tries before Pencil actually connected to my ipad. I needed to restart my ipad in order for it to connect. Pencil activates a feature of the application called "blend". It is like rubbing charcoal powders on a paper, or a term more familiar to me is blurring. 

The tip of the Pencil is a rubber cap on something solid underneath, it is not a solid rubber. And there is a small air gap between this solid core and the rubber cover. There is also a replacement tip attached to the first purchase.  

Overall I am happy with this newest gadget added to my collection, it is beautiful and made with care. Paper and a pencil, it is a perfect couple ! And I am looking forward to experiment with it more. :)

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