Friday, March 7, 2014

Volume down the puffy sleeve

It's been a very warm winter, and I am already bringing in the lighter jackets.
I bought this pretty nude pink short jacket online. It looked great on the model. 
But only when its arrived I realised, actually it had way too big puff shoulder for me. 
Otherwise a very good jacket for upcoming spring, so I decided that I needed to volume it down a bit. 

I didn't want to remove the entire sleeve and redo it, so I first opened top half of the shoulder by unstiching it from the lining side. 

As you can see, the sleeve side of the shoulder is much longer than the armhole side. 

So I regathered the sleeve and sew roughly with a red thread (for me to find it later and remove it) along the armhole side of the shoulder curve. 

I tried it on once to see the sleeve length and the shoulder is not too tight or be shortened too much. I then trimmed back the excess fabric, which I kept to use it for measurement for the other sleeve later. I sew it back along the red thread with a sewing machine and closed it from the lining side also....and Done! 

This one is going to be treasured this spring. :) Well I first have to fix the other sleeve for sure! 

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