Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DIY Sleeveless Shirt-Dress

My little sewing projects began from the last mini project <doodling with kids>. The first one I made with it, is a little shirt-dress. Well, the insert part of it. :) 

And here is how I did it. First I altered men's shirt by cutting away the sleeves and the excessive side parts of the shirt.

As you can also see in the picture, in order to shrink the size of the armhole and make the shirt more fitting to a girl's shape, I have pinched a little around the 3rd button with pins. 

I made the cut in the middle of the pinched fabric and switched the upper chest-shoulder part with the doodled fabric. I've shortened and cut away excessive part along the way. I've remeasured the dress at the back side, and created a pleat to adjust the length. Only thing left now is just sew the sides back and done!  Simple sewing and minimum pattern needed to complete this dress. It was quick and a good sized project for a busy mom :)

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