Friday, February 20, 2015

Doodling with Kids

Snowy day and kids are already bored. Yes, it snows in Greece, too :) But it rarely accumulates. So it's not enough for them to release their energy outside making and throwing snow balls. Now we have decided to sit in and engage with an indoor activity, my favourite, doodling! But this time, we upgrade it by doing so on a fabric.

We need:

-Pretreated Cotton Fabric (you can find how to do that <here>)
-Felt tip markers for fabrics
-Sponges or Brushes
-Waterbased non-toxic fabric paints
-Plastic cups for diluting paints 

We started by just making any shape we like with the markers, then connected lines from one to another. There were 3 of us, so we took 1 corner each and rotated the canvas as we went. When we were done, we air dried it, then splashed (more like bombing!) diluted fabric paints with the sponges on it. But I wished if I had heat fastened the first ink before the fabric paints rather than just air-dried. Some of the marker ink ran and left a dark smear. 

Nevertheless, the results were more delightful than we anticipated. But I was more surprised with the kids who engaged throughout the whole process for hours without even a break. 
This was definitely a great indoor activity. It gives you a bonus to go on for another day because now we are sewing these :) So to be <continued>....

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