Friday, July 3, 2015

African Print Love ♥

I am loving the recent african-print fever! I always admired the african batiks ever since I was first introduced to them from a friend from Nigeria. Their colours and patterns are so unique and they are usually made with medium thick 100% cotton fabric, a great material to work with for most of the sewing projects. It was rare to find in market until recently. Learning from designers like <<Stella Jean>> whose juxtaposition is refreshing and modern. I made my own for this summer’s african-print outfit with a much more casual touch :) 3 pairs of relaxed fit pants for kids and me! For the most part I followed a tutorial found on <<YouTube>>. I added pockets and other details like side panels or waist parts with different patterns. I’m sure these pairs will be heavily worn this summer as they are very comfortable and cheerful :) 

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